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Tourer Of The Year 2020

This South Yorkshire firm made its name manufacturing horse trailers, then branched out into motorhomes. Now it’s launching a compact caravan.

Caravanners might not be familiar with the name Moto-Trek, but if you have friends with a motorhome, they might have heard of it.

More likely still, if you have friends who keep horses, they will almost certainly have heard of Equi-Trek horse boxes.

It was the success of these that caused the South Yorkshire company to branch out into Moto-Trek motorhomes earlier this decade. Now it’s having a go with touring caravans, too.

The Trek-Away, as the new caravan is called, is very much geared to the kind of people who already buy Equi-Trek horse boxes – who use such a vehicle as somewhere to sleep when they are eventing. But some of its characteristics should appeal to those who go touring as well.